My name’s Duane, and I am a fun Canadian guy who woke up one day and thought, “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to move to Spain?”

This website exists to document the (often painful) process of obtaining a long-term visa to stay in Spain, and all the little idiosyncrasies of life in Spain in general.

If you are interested in moving to Spain, I recommend you sign-up for the mailing list where I’ll update everyone when there’s a new post regarding visas or living in Spain. You can add yourself to the list here.

Second, I recommend joining the Facebook Group for this website – there you can ask questions and meet other people interested in moving to Spain.

I hope to interact with you all here, and maybe one day meet up on the coast in sunny Spain for some tapas (unless we’re up north, then we’ll have pinchos).

Before Arriving in Spain

After Arriving In Spain