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How To Renew The Non-Lucrative Visa Online

About six months ago I stumbled across an article here in Spain that basically indicated that it is possible to renew most non-resident visas online, including the non-lucrative visa. I found that interesting since most of my friends here on the non-lucrative went into the office in person or hired lawyers to help them with their process. Despite scouring the internet on the subject, I couldn’t find any other accounts of people attempting to renew the non-lucrative visa online, so I’m going to assume I’m one of the first (at least one of the first with a website). If you’re interested in renewing the old-fashioned way, in person, check out how to renew your non-lucrative visa in person.

To renew your non-lucrative visa online, you are going to need your digital certificate in Spain. If you don’t have one yet, I recommend getting one as it makes life simpler, especially for obtaining a new empadronamiento certificate. Once you have that, you can visit the website that handles online renewals, which is Renovacion Telematica Extranjeria.

The requirements for renewing online are similar to renewing in person, with a few small variations. First, instead of photocopies of your documents, you are going to need scanned documents, such as a PDF or JPEG file. Sanitas sent me an update for my Spanish medical coverage as a PDF, so I already had that. But I needed to scan my passport documents, as well as my proof of funds and receipt for the non-lucrative renewal fee.

You can renew your non-lucrative visa up to 60 days before your residency card expires. I tried visiting the renewal website a few times before that, and it basically said I had to renew in person. But once I hit the 60 day mark, the website immediately changed and gave me the option to renew. Make sure you are using the web browser that contains your digital certificate because your identify will be verified using it. Once verified, the website automatically showed me my personal information, even indicating that this would be for my first renewal (which was true).

Non-Lucrative Visa Information During Renewal

Non-Lucrative Visa Information During Renewal

Make sure in the dropdown box you select the region where your re-registration needs to occur. In my case the box was pre-populated with “Madrid”, so I changed it to “Valencia”.

On the next few pages you have to verify your personal and contact information, which is effectively reproducing electronically the same data on the EX01 form you would normally fill out and deliver in person. So for renewing online you won’t need the EX01 explicitly.

Once you are done updating your contact information, you will be asked to to attach documentation to support the following:

Renew Non-Lucrative Online

Online Renewal Documentation Required

Here is the list, in English, of those requirements and what I submitted for each one.

  1. Entire copy of my passport – This was a bit tricky, as I only had photocopies of this. But I took photos of each of the pages and combined them into a PDF. The website only allows a maximum 6MB file, which is insanely small, so I had to do a bit of massaging for my 19 page PDF representing my passport, but managed to make it work
  2. Proof of funds to live in Spain – I had a translated copy of a bank statement from TransferWise, and attached it as a two page PDF
  3. Proof of medical coverage – I attached the one page document Sanitas sent me verifying my coverage for another year
  4. Proof of payment – I attached a photo of the receipt from BBVA showing that I paid the appropriate fee
  5. Empadronamiento certificate – This actually wasn’t in the list of documents that was requested via the online portal, but it is normally required for a renewal in person. So I figured I would attach a PDF copy of it anyways, figuring if anything it was just going to help. In terms of the category for the attachment, I just chose “other”

I won’t lie, I was a bit hesitant to finally submit it. I’m happy to be a trendsetter, but really didn’t want this whole renewal process to blow up in my face for some reason if I did something wrong. But I decided it was worth trying, so eventually clicked submit.

When everything is complete, you are given the option to download two documents representing your submission, and I suggest everyone download them and store them somewhere safe. In Spain if they don’t give you a response within three months you are automatically approved, so this documentation will be your proof should that happen.

Open to download two PDF documents

Option to download two PDF documents

Once submitted, you can check the status of your non-lucrative renewal application online. You will need your NIE number, the date of application (which was the date you submitted it, also shown inside one of the two PDF documents you downloaded), and your birth year. When I checked after I submitted mine, the website said to try again as my data was incorrect. It took about 36 hours to eventually show some data, and currently says “EN TRAMITE”, or “IN PROGRESS”.

Non-lucrative Status Update

I imagine it will be a few weeks before the status of my application changes, but I’ll update this post once it does. But so far it seems like everything is going according to plan, and it does indeed look like it is possible to perform a renewal of the non-lucrative visa online. So stay tuned.


  1. Definitely, this has been a great post! I’ll be encountering myself doing the same process within the next two months. Unfortunately, this sort of visa is uncommon here in Almeria and there isn’t too much information available about the online renewal process. I’ll be also including also the marriage certificate which must be less than 90 days old in the “other” category.

    We will be keeping an eye here to the upcoming news about your renewal.

    Wishing you the best of luck during this new stage in your Spaniard journey.

    • Hi Duane,

      Just wondering if your application status has changed over the three weeks? I will be walking through the same process (1st renewal) in August 2019.

      Looking forward to your reply.


      • Hi… No it hasn’t, but that’s not surprising – basically not much happens here during the summer. Most people take half of July off, and almost all of August off. I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t hear anything until mid August. I have lots of time though as I renewed early. But I know a few other people who have started this process digitally as well.

  2. Hi. Your pieces on the non-lucrative process have been quite informative. I hope you’ll indulge me in a few miscellaneous nitpicky questions:

    You said one of the conditions for renewal is evidence that you spent at least six months in Spain. Given the nature of Schengen, how can you provide such evidence? What did they ask for, and what did you have?

    When does the clock start ticking on residency? Do you have one year from when:

    the consular officer back home hands back your passport?

    You first get your passport stamped in Spain?

    You pick up the residence permit from the police or the immigration office or wherever?

    You said the renewal process can begin two months from expiration. Does year 2 still begin exactly a year after residency took effect, even if you complete the paperwork a bit early? Is there a risk that what you thought would be 5 years as non-lucrative turns out to be 4 years and 9 months, leaving you in no man’s land when it comes to applying for permanent residency?

    At what point do you need health insurance? It would be a waste to have to get coverage several months before you show up in Spain. Plus they could always turn down your application and leave you stuck with useless insurance.

    Last one: Do you need proof of a Spanish address when you go to pick up your permit? I have no idea how long it takes to find and move into a place in Spain.

    Thanks again for your good work.

  3. Hi Duane,

    I was just wondering if you’ve got any update on the status of your online renewal. I am thinking of renewing my non-lucrative visa online soon.

  4. I submitted my non-lucrative renewal 7/30/2019 using your guidance on submitting it electronically (thanks!) and I got it approved on 9/13/2019. I received an email with instructions to go to the police station for further information – I’m guessing fingerprinting. I was a couple of days short of the 180 day requirement and managed to still get approved for 2 years. I also applied after my TIE had expired. No issues so far. Next, police station.

  5. Any news? Would love to hear how it turned out.

    • Hi. It was finally approved. It took about 10 weeks. But that seems normal for this time of year. I have my new appointment for the TIE tomorrow so hopefully that will go smoothly.

      • Hi Duane, I’m moving to Valencia from Sevilla and will need to get my new TIE there (also for my first renewal.) At which police station do you schedule? Did you need an empadronamiento? Thanks!

  6. So how did that TIE appointment go? Any new lessons?

  7. Great article. Quick question. I take it you used a computer with Windows, yes? I’m on a MAC and can’t seem to get it to work because I don’t have Internet Explorer. If you do have a Mac and can help guide me how to did it, that would be great.

  8. Thanks so much for this helpful post! Quick questions about the 6 month stay in Spain:

    1. Is it just based on the entry and exit stamps in the passport?

    2. Should we apply for the renewal once we have 180 days confirmed in the passport book? Otherwise, we might be prematurely denied?

    We had a bit of travel here and there so won’t have 6 months racked up until 45 days before the visa expires.


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