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Month: October 2018

The Beautiful Coastal Town of Jávea, Spain

I’m currently in Jávea, Spain, which is actually where I was in May of 2018 when I first came up with the idea of moving to Spain. Jávea is a cute idillic location right on the Mediterranean with a population of around 27,000 people.

The closest train station to Jávea is actually in a little town about 15 minutes away called Denia. That means Jávea is a bit isolated, which in many ways is a positive since it’s still a bit of a secret. Denia is actually one of the locations you can catch a ferry to Ibiza, so there are many great things to do in this region.

One of the aspects I like about Jávea is the combination of the old, represented by the old city, and the new, which is represented by the port area near the water. Depending on your mood you can go grab some tapas in the old part of the city, or head on down to the port for some paella near the beach. Further on down the beach is the Arenal beach area, host to more restaurants and a few clubs if that’s your thing.

The old city in Jávea, Spain

The old city in Jávea, Spain

Jávea is quite touristy in the summer, mostly from Brits visiting the area. But in the shoulder seasons there is a nice mix of foreigners and locals in the area. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying some real estate in the area, as the prices for older townhouses is quite reasonable still. I’ve always wanted a ‘fixer-upper’ type of project, so it would be fun to renovate an historic townhouse and then rent it out in the summer months (which are typically too warm for me as a fragile Canadian!).

There is plenty to do in the area, especially if you like hiking and exploring – Montgo is a popular hike in the area, and the mountain itself is usually visible on the horizon from Jávea.

Without a doubt, Jávea is a gem in the area. So if you find yourself in the area, make sure you stop and check it out. If you do visit and are looking for an interesting co-working or co-living experience, make sure to check out Sun and Co, which is where I’ve mostly stayed during my visits to Jávea.

Picking Up Your TIE Card In Spain

After managing to complete your appointment to get your TIE residency card, the next step is to simply wait the 30 days until you are allowed to pick it up. I actually was going to be busy that day, so I went down around day 28 to the police station. I was originally told to just show up, without an appointment, so that’s what I did.

When I arrived there were several large line-ups, one on each side. I was told picking up your TIE card is really quick, so I assumed neither one was for me. But once I showed the attendee my piece of paper and told them I was here to pick up my TIE card, then directed me to wait in the line on the left.

The line moved rather slowly, so I was probably outside for 40 minutes or so. When I finally made it inside, they directed me to a series of four chairs which acted as a mini queue for the lady giving out the TIE cards. Dealing with each person took 2-3 minutes, so I just waited my turn.

When it came time, I walked up, handed the lady my paper and passport, and then waited. She reached over to her table and grabbed a stack of about 100 cards from a table with about 30 stacks – quite a lot of cards! She quickly thumbed through them until she found mine, then set it in front of her. I was expecting her to hand it to me, so I was wondering what was coming next.

Picking up my TIE residency card in Spain

Picking up my TIE residency card in Spain

She then asked me to take my fingerprints again – I’m not sure if this is because my last fingerprints didn’t come out properly, or perhaps they need to verify it was actually me. Regardless I quickly did my left and right index fingers, and that was it. She handed me my card and told me to have a great day, which would be easy since I was now done all the hard parts about moving to Spain for a year!

If you’ve made it this far as well, then congratulations – you are now a Spanish resident!

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